IPunto Canastilla

iPunto Canastilla

Again with you to present a new publication, this time dedicated to newborns and up to six months: iPuntoCanastilla. A magazine for the smallest of the house but surely the most important.

You find classic, refined and conjoined with various materials that accompany our wools and cottons, always top quality that you will find an interesting variation of hues models.

Yet we hope that you find the right model to your taste or needs and quickly set yourself to knit with the support given by all the explanations and patterns in each piece.

The process of our yarns and wool: creation, spinning, preparation, treatment, dyeing, rewinding and packaging are done in our facilities. Therefore, we can guarantee a final product of high quality, with a touch and exceptional textures.

Valeria di Roma is a registered trademark in Spain own making reference in wool and yarn to work.


Begin the work as indicated in the chart. When you reach the white box (without value), move to the next point indicated.

Example page 75, model 50 (pink panties):
aclaracion ipunto canastilla

Explanation of the example:

3 dots right, 1 strand, 2 dots right, 1 strand and repeat as shown in the graphic.